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How the Registered Envelope Service Works
Registered Envelopes may be sent with high, medium, or low security. Registered Envelopes configured for medium or high security transmit encrypted messages that only authorized recipients can access. If you receive a medium or high security encrypted message, you must first register to open a secure message. If you receive a low security message, the message is encrypted but does not require a password to open it. Recipients of password-protected Registered Envelope must register with Cisco Registered Envelope Service (free of charge) to obtain a password for opening encrypted messages. Note that when you send an envelope, you cannot change the security level. If you want to change the security level, contact your site administrator.
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Opening Your First Registered Envelope
If you receive a low security Registered envelope, click the Acknowledge button to open the secure envelope. For a medium or high security envelope that is password-protected, you will need to enroll with the service to authenticate your message. For step-by-step instructions on how to enroll with the service and open your first password-protected registered envelope, refer to the Cisco Registered Envelope Recipient Guide. The guide also explains the basic features of Registered Envelopes.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Find answers to common questions about opening encrypted email, registering for Cisco Registered Envelope Service, and configuring optimal browser settings.
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